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How to choose your pictures
General instructions:
  1) Slides and negatives are photographic film and are susceptible to contamination from oils from your fingers

Slides:  The easiest way to view slides is with a light table or slide sorter.  If you purchase what you want these can be found at
  photography stores like
    1) Adorama:
    2) B & H:
if you are the do it yourself type here is a link to a home built light table:
by whatever method you choose to view your slides, choose those you want scanned and ship these to me.

Negatives:  These are a bit harder.  A light table or slide sorter will give you a general impression of what is in the negative; ie people or scenery.  But it really helps to have the picture to compare to the negative.  Negatives usually are in strips of 4 or 5 pictures.  PLEASE DO NOT CUT THESE STRIPS! I can do a much better job of scanning with a full strip than individual negatives.  to identify the pictures in the negative you want scanned: hold the negative in front of you shiny side up with the lettering on the top and bar-codes on the bottom.  Sometimes the individual pictures are numbered.  starting on the left, count left to right
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