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There are a lot of good "scanning shops" out there that have lots of options and prices.  Most of them do very good work on a volume basis but some do ship your pictures out of the US where labor prices are much lower.  I do not offer options such as what resolution, or what format, or volume discounts.  I will scan your negative, slide, or picture at the highest resolution I can scan without adding noise.  This will vary based on what I am scanning so it can be as high as 3600dpi (iso 34 slides) to 600dpi for pictures printed from the 1980's onward.  I will deliver 3 files for each scan:

  • an archive tiff file which is a raw dump from the scanning sensor, this is your archive.
  • a full resolution 48bit corrected tiff file.
  • a smaller 24bit (250-500K) corrected JPEG file which you can view in internet sharing sites and on your computer.  These are what are  commonly shared with other people
I will deliver these on a thumb drive for the cost of the drive.  If you have cloud storage like dropbox I can put them there if you provide me the proper credentials.

Shipping your pictures:  I will ship the originals and the resulting files the same way you shipped them to me.  If you require a signature from me I will ship them back requiring a signature also.  If the package is insured, I will insure the returning package.  where possible I will use the same shipper you did, obviously these are the people you trust.  You will pay all shipping costs both ways.

Being as the requirement to pay sales tax is in great flux these days, I will be charging Texas sales taxes on all orders.  currently that is 7.5%.

At this time I do have a daytime job so my time is limited.  I cannot work to a deadline but my desire is that it will not be more than 6 weeks from the time I receive your media to when you get some results.  I will not be actively working more than 5 projects at a time so, if business is good, I may have to delay you sending me your pictures until the load is less.  I will maintain a list and as I finish work I will let the next person on the list know that they can ship their pictures.  I hope this does not sound too snooty but I don't want you frustrated because I don't want anyone saying: "he has had my pictures 3 months!!!"
and it be the truth!

  I also offer VHS video tape conversions to video file on a USB drive of your choosing (AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4).  Please be aware that the quality of VHS tapes is very poor and, at this time, I have no method  to "improve" the quality of the results.

  Pricing (all prices subject to change):

  VHS tapes:    $25 per tape/hour (3 hour tape=$75)
  Slides/Negatives/Pictures:   $3.00 each

Prices shown on this website are subject to change without notice.


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