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This is where the real magic can be had, color negatives and slides.  For the last 10 years or so some scanners have been including the ability to scan with an infrared light source.  This gives the software the ability to remove a very large portion of the dust and scratches on the film.

This negative was rolled around in a junk drawer for 20 years.  It was pretty beat up!  I did two things to this negative; apply infrared dust and scratch removal and run a noise filter to smooth the face in photoshop

Copyright: Tranquil Bay GroupCopyright: Tranquil Bay Group

This next negative I did what was done on the previous picture but there was a large chunk that the dust and scratch removal did not fix in the upper right corner.  I had to use photoshop context sensitive fill to get it corrected.


Color pictures, particularly Kodacolor prints from the 1950's, are fading fast.  These are actually a ticking time bomb that are going to fade into oblivion in the next 10 to 15 years so it is very important to get them digitized before they are gone.  I found a set of Kodachrome pictures from March of 1957 that I had both the picture and negative.  This set of three pictures shows
  • what the original picture looked like
  • the corrections I can make from a scan of the picture
  • a corrected scan of the negative

As you can see the negative gives the best result!!              

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