Tranquil Bay Group                                              
The equipment
I have found that each medium requires a scanner best suited to that medium.  For slides and negatives, I prefer a dedicated film scanner.  But, if you look around there are not many manufacturers of dedicated film scanners and most of these are limited to the 35mm format.  I have chosen the plustek 7600i dedicated film scanner which I can use for 35mm, 126 instamatic, and 110 pocket camera negatives and slides.  Any negatives larger than these I use an Epson V750 flatbed scanner that has film scanning capibility.

  For pictures I use the Epson V750which can handle anything up to an 8x10 portrait.  I also use this with 120mm format film and film from "Brownie" type cameras.  I have a special holder that uses anti-newton glass to flatten the negative but not induce newton rings in the scan

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